Is There Such Thing as Too Much Salt?

The US Government recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium is around 2300 mg or about 1 teaspoon per day, and is similar in many other western countries. The origin of this recommendation is a bit foggy, and partially related to the response that people with elevated blood pressure have to reducing sodium and salt. Their blood pressure goes down. But it isn't really very much. Like from 120/80 to 118/78. People with high Blood Pressure probably take drugs that have a much bigger effect.

Most Americans eat about 3500 mg per day. Keep one's blood pressure low is a good idea, but when they looked at people with very restricted sodium diets, they seem to have other issues related to their hearts that non-restricted people didn't have. There may even be risks in strictly adhering to the USRDA.
Some scientists suggest that perhaps even nearly twice what people current average may not cause serious problems. Better, perhaps, is just don't worry so much about one's salt intake, be reasonable and moderate, but enjoy your food, with some nice seasoning.

So while there is definitely such a thing as too much salt, just like many other formerly cast in stone ideas about fat, cholesterol and related things in our diets, salt is undergoing reanalysis.  And let's face it, salt sure is tasty on our food!

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