Why We Are Fat

Why We Are Fat
It's eating too many calories, Yeah. Yeah. We know that. But sugar, and carbs that convert almost instantly into sugars yoyo our blood sugars, and keep you coming back for more, that's the real culprit. Not only that, it causes wild swings in blood sugars leave people lusting for more.

It's called Carb Addiction by some. Most of the health studies lately seem to show and have been vindicating fats, even saturated fats, like coconut oils and dietary cholesterol. And they keep you satiated and less likely to overeat.

The sad thing is that exercise, unless you totally kill yourself, like spending all day moving sides of beef in a warehouse cooler, or cutting logs in a northern snowy forest, just won't be able to make up for eating too many carbs. Exercise has a great many benefits, but weirdly, you burn almost as much compressing the cushions of your sofa with your ass as you do running on the treadmill. This is because it's the organs of our body, and our brain that are the big fuel burners. Much of our calorie burning is just lost as heat. 

Evolution has made our muscles and frame very efficient at getting a lot of work done for minimum fuel. Even more sad is that when you start to lose weight, your body going into super efficiency mode, and losing becomes even more difficult.

Obviously, consult a Doctor if you are seriously overweight and are considering dramatically altering your diet - especially to something out of the norm. Everyone has a different metabolism and genetic disposition.

Why are we fat? It's not just how much we eat - but what we eat. Check Out the Healthy Living Guide. It's based on the premise that you don't buy your way or eat your way thin. It's a sound diet and regular exercise program that will get you in shape, keep you healthy and won't cost you a thing. Nice.

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